Internal Operations

Probate and Juvenile Courts in Ohio are unique in that the Judge serves as his own Clerk. There is no separate Clerk of Courts office as there is for the General and Domestic Relations divisions of the Common Pleas Court and the Municipal Courts. Deputy Clerks and other necessary employees are appointed pursuant to O.R.C. 2101.11.

In addition to the Judge, the operations of the Court include the following:

  1. A Court Administrator

  2.  Magistrate

  3. Chief Deputy Clerk

  4. A Senior Deputy Clerk

  5.  Deputy Clerks

  6. Electronic Court Reporter

  7. Paralegal



The basic departments are as follows:

  1. Estates and Trusts

  2. Guardianships

  3. Adoptions

  4. Marriages

  5. Civil Commitments

  6. Administrative